Can Not Open iOS devices on Win 10


I can’t Open a iOS Device on Win 10.

I tryed it with a iPhone 7+ iOS 10.2.1 and a iPhone SE iOS 9.3.2

I get the error message:

In order to work with iOS devices, you need to have an iOS developer account.
Select Menu: Tools -> iOS Provision Profile Management…
Click on ‘Add’
Then ‘Register Your iOS Developer Account’ and click Next:

Please let me know if you were able to open the device…

Hi guy,
I have Added the iOS developer account but still get the Error.

I also facing same issue ,
Windows 10, all kind of iphones doesn’t work at all,
same messages…

Hi Abush

Did you configure an iOS Developer account?

what is the type of the account which is configured into Appium Studio?

Hi Tom,
I successfully logged in to my ios developer account


I am also facing the same issue. Unable to open the device in windows machine.

i am getting error message as “could not support non-instrumented mode”. Failed to connect to XCAutomation.

Could you please help me to resolve the issue.

Did you provided iOS developer account?

We don’t have developer account. So created a apple id and used that one to connect to the device. The Ipad already has an provision profile “Maas 360 MDM”. As my provision profile is different from ipad provision profile, is there any way to connect to the ipad with the existing profile.

HI Lakshmi

There is no way to support your existing provisioning
we need to provision the device for debug

If you don’t have a developer account you can register just a regular Apple ID to Appium Studio

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply.
I have installed Appium studio and itunes in Mac OS X EI Capitain and followed steps mentioned in the link.
While adding ios device in Appium studio after done with ios code signing configuration, enabling non instrument mode is in processing state from long time as shown below.

Please help me in resolving the issue.


Try these steps after configuring iOS developer account:

  1. Goto device settings – >General
  2. Select Profiles & Device Management
  3. Verify the profile/Certificate that has been generated using your developer account and install that on the device
  4. This should verify and install app “PaltielX”

Once the above mentioned app is installed on your device. You are good to start Automation using Appium Studio.

I’m using Windows10 and I can connect without problems to iOS devices.

Is your device turned on Developer Mode? Follow this steps Then inside Settings>Developer activate Enable UI Automation and try again.

Hi Mat,

Did you paid for apple developer account to generate the certificate to connect on windows machines

Or if we sign it in MAC to make the phone in to developer mode.

Please reply

Hi Ganesh,

Not sure if it’s a prerequisite having an Apple Developer Account. I have one because I’m using SeetestAutomation and I need one to run test against iOS devices and is the same account I use with AppiumStudio. I think Tom can answer this question better than me.

For sure you have to enable developer mode on iOS device, and this is only available using an Apple computer throught XCode.

Hope it helps.

Hi Friends

I have done all pre-requsites to connect iOS device to appium studio but still I am getting error.

  1. I created Apple id
  2. I have got provisioning and p12 certificates from development team.
  3. But when I click on the iOS device inside Appium Studio Device manager I get the following error

Please help me to connect with Appium Studio

did you follow the instructions?

  1. On your iOS Device settings app -

Open Settings -> Developer

Search for the UAutomation switch and enable it

Found this post of yours are you able to use SeeTestAutomation on your actual devices? All I can see is the Cloud versions of it.

One of our old iPhone 5 screen is darked/ blank out but we wish to control and test on it. Any thoughts?


Both Seetest Automation and AppiumStudio needs a valid Apple Developer Account to control iOS devices. The same account is valid for Seetest Automation and Appium Studio.

To control your iPhone5 you need to follow these steps:

  • A valid Apple Developer Account with your iPhone5 registered on it
  • Enable DeveloperMode on it and check ‘Enable UIAutomation’ in Settings>Developer. (You need an Apple computer with XCode to enable this mode)
  • Connect the iPhone5 to the testing machine (the one with AppiumStudio or SeetestAutomation) and add it

But I see a problem if the screen is broken. When you connect an iOS device to a new computer you must accept a message to enable communication between them and you cannot be able to press the button to enable communication between Apple computer an iPhone5 so DeveloperMode would never been activated.

Hope it helps, tell me if it works! :blush:

Is any one there who solved this problem? I have also created a problem same type: Unable to add iOS 11 device to Appium studio

Is there any one who can help me ?