Appium Studio not working for Ipad OS 13.4

Hi Team,

I have connected Ipad to my laptop, and when I double click on the device, it shows the error popup. Attached error screenshot for reference.
Appium Studio version 20.2
Ipad OSversion 13.4


I’m seeing the same error after updating an iPhone X to iOS 13.4 and unable to execute any automated tests.

Anyone find any solution? Seems compatibility issue with latest OS version?

Seetest Automation utility 20.3 support iOS 13.4.

You will have to check if Appium Studio 20.3 also supports it (iOS 13.4) or not

Is 20.3 officially available for download? I thought latest version is 20.2

20.2 Seetest does not support iOS 13.4 , you will have to download the 20.3 version when it comes out and check it. Officially 20.2 is the latest version in the website