Not able to add an Android Device


Hi All,

Using this forum for first time, but I believe its quiet responsive forum.

I am using Mac desktop and is doing an automation for mobile devices. I have installed Appium Desktop and Appium Studio. I tried adding an Android device in appium studio but the popup just goes in a flash. But the pop up to add devices comes up for iOS.

The appium studio version is 12.7.5 and its a community edition.

Any further input required please feel free to let know



Please try to attach screen shot or please provide the error from the Error log.

To get the Error log , From menu click Open Logs folder , and paste the error from the file Appium Studio*.log



Thanks Kishore for your prompt response. The log file is empty.



Close your appium studio and then check if its not empty and if so paste the log

Also have you tried provisioning the IOS profile ?
See -



Navigate to log file from Appium Studio
Help–>>Open Log folder.
Open the latest log file and modify the below command as per the path you find in your log file

sudo chmod +x /Applications/AppiumStudio/bin/adb/adb