Installed Android Tools

Personally I would prefer if Appium Studio would not install parts of the Android SDK. I already got the Android SDK installed and keep it up to date so the copy installed from Appium Studio is a waste of disk space to me. Not to mention that I don’t need Windows or Linux executables on macOS.

But if you insist on installing parts of the Android SDK then you at least make sure the execute flag is set properly:

This is known issue and will be fixed

When? Just found the third executable missing the execute flag. And each of those takes hours of debugging and search on the internet to find.

Anyway, helpful script:



setopt Err_Exit;
setopt XTrace;

if test "${USER}" = "root"; then
    pushd "${APPIUM_HOME}"
	chmod +x "bin/adb/js/zipalign"
	chmod +x "bin/adb/adb"
	chmod +x "bin/adb/apt/aapt_64_mac"
    setopt Multi_OS

    sudo ${0:a} 1>&1 2>&2 &>~/Library/Logs/${0:r:t}.out

I wonder how many more are missing.

Should be fixed by Appium Studio 12.10 or 12.11.