How to convert recorded scripts of Appium Studio to appium code

I have recorded a scenario in Appium Studio using android device & after that i want to use same script in Appium.
Could you please help me how to customize the same code as i am new to appium & appium studio.

Change SeeTestDriver to AppiumDriver or AndroidDriver and change all the Elements to WebElements. I think it should work.


there is no need for any changes if you’d work with the latest version

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Hi Tom,

Great news !

So you mean Appium studio Installer will be different for both MAC & Windows.
To automate iOS application we have to use MAC & to automate Android we have to use Windows right ?

By the way when will be the release ?


Thanks Ashraf for your quick response.

We have recorded the scripts on Appium Studio We would like to execute the same script from eclipse with out using gradle/Maven.
Can you please help us understand if gradle and maven are required for a single script to be executed.

As I check today with new version, you can run both Android & iOS test under a Windows machine


You run Automate IOS apps on Windows machine…


Gradle and maven are not required, but they will help you create a better automation project as build automation tools

also, it will be easier for you to fetch dependencies if you’ll manage them by one of them

if you are facing any issues with the tutorial let us know

Dear Tom,

The C# NUnit tests recorded from Appium Studio could be executed successfully by ensuring Appium studio is running the executor agent on port 4273.

However starting the appium server from command prompt did not recognize the elements.
There were also OpenQA.Selenium.WebDriverException: No such Context found.

Could this be because of different versions of appium server?
The Appium Server version I’m running is 1.21.0 (appium --version from command prompt)

Thanking you,
Raghavan Kasthuri