10.9 Installer - Release Candidate

Hi All,

We are just nearly about to release our latest version of Appium Studio
Final Release Candidates :


This release have full support to Native Appium Clients, in all programming languages e.g JAVA \ C# \ Python \ PHP \ Javascript and Ruby

To all of our existing users, we needed to make some internal changes in the product - and unfortunately these changes require you to modify your test code.

A. There is no longer a need to import seetest-appium jar and now you’ll need to import Appium standard client

example for java maven \ gradle -


B. It means that you’ll need to change the initialization of your appium driver (ios \ android)
and connect to the same URL required for Appium Standard server (ends with /wd/hub

AppiumDriver driver;
driver = new AndroidDriver(new URL("http://localhost:4723/wd/hub",dc))

We have deprecated SeeTestAndroid \ SeeTestIOS Drivers, and if you guys have used specific commands (such as - getClient()) your code will require modifications

We are about to support all of the capabilities that you guys have used up until 10.8 in the final release of 10.9, we will document and notify this is the final release

Please feel free to share any feedback on this release, your help is HIGHLY APPRECIATED and valuable to us and the product. :grapes:

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Has it been confirmed that this release will address the 3 to 5 10.9.66 issues we raised last week ?? If so, we’re eager to try it. If not, we’ll wait for the appropriate version. thnx

Hi Tom,

Thanks a lot for your valuable new updates and features. It will really help us to use Android/IOS driver Directly.

But while downloading the Appium studio 10.9.72 version its showing access denied as mentioned below: CAN YOU PLEASE send us the proper link to download the WINDOWS APPIUM STUDIO 10.9.72.


AccessDenied Access Denied 5C64877F5970DCFF Xr1jFGdTIlqPIyd0sneHVaF8wCEbRRvTJqeN0Dnuzq6E+275XiAvtSUCpF/NqlUmkxicnlsIGlU=

remove the last character in the link:


updated the links

Thanks Tom,

The Windows Appium Studio link is working fine now to download

Hi Tom,

I am getting this error when try to install 10.9.72 for Windows.

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This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.

Hi Tom,

Does the latest version of Appium studio installer supports recording the mobile apps and export in C# or Python.

I dont see the option of exporting to other languages in the Appium studio client.

Hi rock

the 10.9 version supports executions via Python \ C# but not code exporting to these languages

we are working now on adding this support to our tools

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Thanks Tom for the response