Appium Studio 12.19.6022 Failed to Connect to XCAutomation with iPhone 12.3.1

I receive “Failed to connect to XCAutomation” error when try to Open Device. iOS iPhone device shows Ready, and the device is iPhone 12.3.1. I am using Community Appium Studio 12.10.6022. One thing I want to point out is - I do not see “Full Control” option when trying to connect to this iPhone.
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Have you done iOS Provisioning ? Looks like its mostly related to Provisioning because of de Please check the following discussions which are same as you are facing Can Not Open iOS devices on Win 10

Recently some users have complained that they are facing working ios developer account, because of
Failed to Registering Free Provisioning OS developer account with Appium Studio. I think even if your problem is solved you may hit the problem in above discussion