You have exceeded the allowed number of users of the Appium Studio Community Edition and you are in breach of the EULA


Hi @Tom

I am using Appium Studio Community Edition, I am facing license issue when i am trying to launch the Appium Studio, even after I am using this only for one user.

Error is
"You have exceeded the allowed number of users of the Appium Studio Community Edition and you are in breach of the EULA

Please contact to discuss renewal of your EULA"

One more thing i want to tell to that

  1. I have uninstalled the Appium Studio from the scratch (Program files, Program Data and Roaming folder of the System),
  2. then again i have installed the same setup and follow the same procedure
  3. Setup the device
  4. Run the TestCases by eclipse then i got this error again

I’ve attached the screenshot of the issue, Please have a look and help me as soon as possible in this.

Anyone able to use AppiumStudio even after 1 year


We are also facing the same issue. and the Appium studio community edition is not launching due to the same error message.
@Tom- can you please share some work around how to resolve this issue.



Hi All,

Please contact with any issues you are facing with licenses



Hi Tom,

But This is not related with license, as i am only the single user using this but why this kind of error is being displayed. Want to know what is the cause of the pop up error message.



Plz tell me @Tom why this error comes again and again
What is the reason ?


HI Team,

I am using IPAD and my workstation more than one Year,
after 2 days onwards I am getting the below error.

Please have a look and help me as soon as possible in this.


Can someone please update on our issue


Have you reached out to ?


I got this resolved by reaching out to Experitest. I have a feeling that there “user accounting” is not what most people would think it should be. Anyways, reach out…they will help.


what solution they provided? can you please update


Seems they were able to figure out how many instances I had downloaded, when and where (I’ve used Experitest tools at multiple companies), and “adjust” my usage count. I did notice that if you’re like me, and keep multiple versions of Appium Studio around, it can work against you from a usage perspective. The “accounting” used to track usage seems a bit awkward, but they will work with you to get things cleared up.


Do you have accounting team contact, who can help on this because i spoke to one of the account manger and he said they will not be able to help me and only possible solution is to buy license


I spoke with Jonathan Ben Dov It just so happened that we were already in the process of purchasing licenses because we had more folks getting involved with Appium Studio.


Hi wakeit.
I am facing the same issue. Could you please guide me in resolving this issue. Thanks


I wish I could help you. You need to reach out directly to Experitest, which is what I did. Work with them to get it resolved. Do you have a Experitest connection beyond this Forum ?


Followed your advice. Experitest suggested me to move to commercial version :expressionless:


I just got this message too. One thing I can say, it’s somehow connected to issuing adb commands while Appium Desktop is open. I’ve used desktop in the past 3-4 weeks, but these past two days had an open CMD window and issued few adm commands to take screenshot etc. I got the message within 5-10 minutes of doing that, so I’d say it has to do something with a bug. I don’t have any more Appium Desktop installations anywhere else, just this laptop.