Which automator does Appium Studio use?

Hey guys, what’s up?

Today I tried to use some identifiers like accesibilityLabel or contentDescription so I can be accurate when calling them but couldn’t make them work.

I read that accesibilityLabel works only for Text, TextInput and View but I need it with some buttons and images. After a while, I found it to be possible using UIAutomator 2 but not with the 1, so I tried to get the one Appium Studio uses.

Anyone know the version or could suggest a way to identify such elements?


As far as I know Appium Studio uses UIAutomator .

Thanks! And do you know if it is UIA 1 or 2? Because in the 2nd version of it I’ve read that it can identify tags (something UIA1 couldn’t do)

UIA 2 is used by Appium Studio

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