Unable to Sign \bin\native\Cyder.ipa

Hi All,

I am using a windows 8.1 machine…When i try to connect with the iPad it throws an error "Unable to Sign \bin\native\Cyder.ipa"

Please help in resolving this error

Go to settings->general -> Device management and verify application. once done with this process retry launching your device

Thanks for the reply…
I had to reinstall Appium Studio for it to work…

Hi Shashank…I’m still facing the same issue(Unable to Sign ./bin/native/Cyder.ipa) in macbook even after re-installing the latest appium studio version 12.1.80.

Could you please help on this issue

Hi Sai,

Please check on the device if the Developer option is available under Settings

Yes Shashank…developer option is enabled and in Developer screen Enable UI automation is ON

Other one is Cyder is not installed in Iphone device

Hi Sai,

Cyder is an application which is installed by Appium Studio on connection with the device.
Also please check if the developer account is linked to Appium Studio

Hi SaiSK, I’am face the same issue here, unable to sign .\bin\native\Cyder.ipa, and I know this is because Cyder is not installed in iphone, but how can I install Cyder into my iphone? , I search on google but there are no any cyder.ipa package for download, how did u fix this problem? Any help will be vary appreciate !

Hi, thanks for you reply, yes, I already login with my personal apple ID, and some provisioning profiles has generated, I can see one of them is about Cyder. I can install another app success, but when I install Cyder.ipa , it popup an error "instrumentation/signing failed. " do u have any idea about it ?

Hi sven,

Aside of removing the profile as you ask in other thread, try this:

  • Unistall AppiumStudio and install the latest one to ensure is fully compatible with your iOS version
  • Make sure your IOS development account has the capability to generate enough certificates to use one on this computer. As I know every time you use a Developar Account in one computer it generates a certificate and there is a limit (no idea about the limit number). Check this thread: https://appium.experitest.com/t/how-can-i-solve-this-error/1243
  • Remove anything related to AppiumStudio or Experites from your device (Cyder, certificates…) and reboot it
  • Install latest version of AppiumStudio, then add your profile and connect your device.
  • Add the device and try to open the reflection screen to see if it works.

Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi mat,

Thanks for you replay, the problem is solved, it took me few days to understand how IOS certifications and profiles works. as you said, this problem cause by invalid certifications. Appium studio is an excellent tools, thanks again!