Unable to record a test

Hey all, I started to use Appium Studio a while ago and, even I can write all the my tests without any problem, if I click the “start record” button it doesn’t write any test.

I’ll explain it step by step:

When I click the start record button, I wait until the wait message is gone and my device is ready to interact with. I click one button, fill a textbox, everything’s ok. Then, when I finish my desired test, I click the stop record button (blue square) and no interactions were added to my tests list. The only thing that happens is to create a step below my last test but it’s empty.


I see similar problem here, can you check this solution.

The behavior you are facing is quite weird.

It’s weird indeed, but that solved my problem. You need to use the Appium Studio copied device and not from the physical device itself.

Thank you!