Unable to add Iphone 8 to appium studio community edition

Earlier i have added 2 Iphone devices (Iphone 6 and Iphone XS Max). Then I deleted 1 device (Iphone 6) . Now I am trying to add another device i.e Iphone 8 but OK button is not enabled . Tried uninstalling cyder and restarting the phone.


Please update to new version of Appium Studio before that make sure that you remove the existing provisioning profile

Hi Kishore,

I am already using latest appium studio version - 20.1.6447 .
Tried deleting provisioning profile. But still its not working.

Yes Iphone XS works and i am using paid Apple developer account. While sharing support data, it is showing Iphone XS max in dropdown and not the iphone 8 which i have connected thru USB.

So i am not sure how to share support data for Iphone 8 . Or do you want support data for Iphone XS Max


Getting below logs in appium logs folder . Can you pls check

Uncheck the attach device data and only send the data by checking in Collect only latest log file/

You can share the whole log file via google cloud, Please provide access when i attempt to get the log.