Unable to Add IPAD-IOS device to Appium Studio

Hi Team,

I am using the Appium studio version 21.10.8524 and i am trying to connect my IPAD device to Appium studio.

  1. i have a valid apple developer account
  2. i have given the apple ID and password in IOS profile management section and login is successful
  3. after that it tries to process, but it doesn’t show further progress

Also is there any possibility to add 2 IOS devices to the Appium studio community edition account?

Could some please assist on the same.

Can you check and verify that you are following everything as mentioned in the following documentation and haven’t missed any step:

If still doesn’t work, try to update your itunes to the latest version. Please let us know after trying these.

Also, yes it should be possible to add 2 iOS devices to Appium studio. Are you facing any issue while doing this ?

Chinni Sai Harshith

Hi Chinni ,

Apologies for the late response as i was on holiday. Note:- I am using Windows machine to connect IOS device

I am facing the issue while i am adding my second IOS device. i am not getting the Full control check box as per the documentation . i have updated my ITUNES as well. Attached the screenshot for your referenceUntitled

In the above screen shot i have already added my IPAD which shows as offline status and when i am trying to add another IPAD it doesn’t add the device. Any assistance is much appreciated.

is there any restriction is in place for Community edition of Appium studio to add more than 1 apple device via windows machine?