Unable to add Android Device to Appium studio code

I am unable to add an Android Device to the Appium studio code. I have seen other people complain about the same issue and the solution is to try the sudo command to change the permission. This, however, does not work for me, The dialog to add the android device opens but it is uneditable whereas to add an IOS has no such problem.

Link to the Appium studio log

Link to the Appium error log

What version of Appium Studio you are using ?
Have you tried any other android device ?
Any screenshot or any error you see which you can paste here.

Please try to give some more details … ideally something visual.

@kishore I have updated the question

Thanks for the details …

As per logs your network is not able to identify our server

java.net.UnknownHostException: mhpfsdcush.execute-api.us-east-2.amazonaws.com

Please make sure you talk to your network team and rectify it.

@kishore Could that be because I am in Nigeria?

Sorry its tough to know that atleast I do not know
But the main problem is because of the network access