Testing across another app opened by Intent



I’m a beginner with Appium Studio/Appium and looking for some help with a situation I’ve run into.

I’ve got two APKs, App A and App B. The flow I’m testing works as:

  1. App A is the main app. I enter some details and click a button.
  2. An Intent with this information is created to launch a specific activity in App B (within the App A window, eg it doesn’t completely open App B as a separate instance on the device).
  3. Click a button in App B, it returns to App A, passing some payload to it.

Recording this flow in Appium Studio works alright, but when I try to run the test in Appium Studio, App B never shows up when the button in Step 1 is clicked. As such the rest of the test fails.

Is anyone able to help with what I need to do to handle this kind of interaction between two apps?

Thanks for all help.