Test record creates empty "step lines"

I’m recording a test with Android device,
after i’m ending the test it creates me empty “step lines” and the code dosen’t appear

Please mentioned which
(1) Appium Studio version you are using?
(2) Please paste a screenshot of empty “steps lines” (ideally full code which was generated by Appium Studio)
I am also hoping that you are test recording using your mouse and not recording physically in the phone

  1. I’m using version 12.11.6196
  2. Thanks to your note i recorded using the mouse and now the test lines are not empty
  3. Istill have a problem that i’m seeing only the test lines but not the whole code (screenshot attached)
  4. As a bonus after i’m stopping the record, the Appium Studio freezes and I can’t play the record or choosing steps

Don’t you get code generation tab as below ? or it goes invisible after you record the test ?

See Log and Code Pane a the bottom in above image

I don’t get the tab at all

No other customers have complained such problems. Please uninstall an try once again and install again. You can also try to install in some other machine just to see if this is machine specific problem

ו tried it with other computer and there it’s work fine,
In the original computer the code dosen’t appear even after i uninatalled the program and install it again, it’s a pretty new computer with win 10, any ideas how to fix the problem?

Sorry , have’nt faced this problem before.

Please share log files to see if it give some hints - https://docs.experitest.com/display/TC/AS-+Collect+Support+Data

I created the zip with all the collected data but you are not allowing to upload zip files, only picture files
How can i send the logs?

I have mailed you in your mail address please reply