- Mobile and Web Testing Platform

Hi all,

I’m writing this post to provide some clarifications on - our SaaS based solution for mobile & web testing
We’ve just re-branded and launched our SaaS offering for shared pool of devices (
with an entirely new system which we have deployed and relies on Experitest SeeTestCloud solution.

We are aiming to aid developers and testers, by providing a huge array of mobile devices and desktop browsers on which they can run Appium \ Selenium tests

A couple of points that needs to be made with respect to this forum

  1. Unfortunately - we had to make a hard choice, and disable the ability of Appium Studio CE to connect to the cloud - this has to do with the fact that Appium Studio was built to support locally USB connected devices, simulators and emulators - and doesn’t perform well enough (with respect of development of test cases) against remote devices

  2. You can (and should :slight_smile: ) execute test cases that you develop with Appium studio against platform fully supports all of the Appium \ Client based commands

  3. If you wish to develop test cases against the cloud devices, your best option is to go with Appium Studio for Eclispe

We are working on a similar InteliJ based product, which should come out by the end Q1 2018 (March 31st)
Release candidate will be available early on next month

  1. We still maintain, solely for the Appium Studio CE

I invite you all to test and try out using - I’m always there on the chat and excited to hear your feedback!

Sorry for the long post, here is a mobile device charged with a potato :wink:

To Run the existing Appium Studio Test agasint Cloud

  1. Upload your application to cloud -
  2. Add the access key and app capability and remove udid or specific device mentioning (name, etc)
 desiredCapabilities.setCapability("app", "cloud:<activity><package>"); //upload the app to the cloud
desiredCapabilities.setCapability("accessKey", "<accesskey> "); //
	//    desiredCapabilities.setCapability("udid", "..."); remove any specific device mentioning

finally - change the URL to

driver = new AndroidDriver(new URL(""), desiredCapabilities);