Report folder is empty for FAILED test execution : 11.8.84 V

Hi Wakeit,

I’m currently using Appium Studio 11.8.84, was wondering why driver.getreportfolder () is not available in the jar.

we haven’t implemented using Maven nor Gradle, had just given lib and Java client path from the Appium Studio installation location!

Issue: Report folder is empty for FAILED test execution.

Can Someone please help me in getting resolving this issue.

Note : I’m using Page Object model here.

public class Event {

AndroidDriver<AndroidElement> driver = null;
DesiredCapabilities dc = new DesiredCapabilities();
private HomePage homePage;
private SideBarPage sideBar;
private EventPage eventPage;
private AndroidUtilities androidUtilities;
private String reportFormat = "xml";
private String testName = "EventPageTestCases";
private Properties CONFIG = null;
private String configFileName = System.getProperty("user.dir")+"\\src\\com\\config\\";

public void setUp() throws Exception {
    CONFIG = new Properties();      
    FileInputStream fsconf = new FileInputStream(configFileName);
    dc.setCapability("reportDirectory", CONFIG.getProperty("reportDirectory"));
    dc.setCapability("reportFormat", reportFormat);
    dc.setCapability("testName", testName);
    dc.setCapability(MobileCapabilityType.UDID, CONFIG.getProperty("DeviceName"));
    dc.setCapability(AndroidMobileCapabilityType.APP_PACKAGE, CONFIG.getProperty("APP_PACKAGE"));
    dc.setCapability(AndroidMobileCapabilityType.APP_ACTIVITY, CONFIG.getProperty("APP_ACTIVITY"));
    driver = new AndroidDriver<>(new URL(CONFIG.getProperty("LocalHostURL")), dc);

public void EventPageTestCases() throws Exception{
	homePage = new HomePage(driver);
	sideBar = new SideBarPage(driver);
	eventPage = new EventPage(driver);
	androidUtilities = new AndroidUtilities(driver);
		androidUtilities.LoginTelkomselByOTP(CONFIG.getProperty("RegisteredMobileNumber")); //Login to Telkomsel with with Mobile Number
    	homePage.clickSideMenuBar(); //Click the Side Menu bar
    	sideBar.navigateTo(sideBar.Event);   //Navigate to the Send Gift tab
    	try {
	    	eventPage.verifyEventPageLetsTryPopUpExist(); //User get pop up when open event page for the first time
    	}catch (Exception e) {
    	eventPage.verifyEventListIsEnabled(); //Show page Event list
    	eventPage.click_i_Info(); //Click button i 
    	eventPage.clickLetsTry();//Click Lets try
    	eventPage.click_UnlockCode();//Change Get Reward to Event Page-unlock code history
    	eventPage.enterInputCode(CONFIG.getProperty("InputCode"));//Input code 
    	eventPage.click_UnlockCodeNow();// Click on Unlock Code Now
    	eventPage.verify_ErrorMsgForInputCode(eventPage.getText_ErrorMsgForInputCode());//User get error message claim period expired,the code invalid
    	eventPage.click_UnlockCodeHistory();//Click unlock code history
	catch (Exception e) {
    	androidUtilities = new AndroidUtilities(driver);

public void tearDown() throws Exception{
	androidUtilities = new AndroidUtilities(driver);