ReactNative app with instrumentation and non-instrumentation


I just want to know the difference between instrumented and non-instrumented mode. And also for the below query.

Basically, in our RN app, the very first step is to authenticate with credentials. So for the authentication, we need non-instrumented mode execution and after authenticating, the rest of execution should be in the instrumented mode. is it possible through code to switch between the non-instrumented and instrumented mode via appium studio?

Also faced below err while executing in both mode:

Runtime Exception: Failed to identify the elements or application is not launched. But App is not closed and still, it was in the Screen only.

Thanks in advance.

Please go through more about instrumentation mode -

You will have to run with fully instrumented mode , you cannot have partial instrumented and non instrumented mode.

You will have get all the xpaths for instrumented mode and then use them in development and execute the testing code.

Hi @kishore ,

We are trying to run scripts in Appium but fail to launch a RN app in INSTRUMENT mode (or a detail element tree is not available), yet all is fine in Appium Studio.

Is there a difference of the functional behavior in the two tools? If so, how can we achieve INSTRUMENT mode in the former?

Thank you.