Playback the recorded test steps

I am new to Appium studio, and i have connected my ios device to appium and also recorded some test steps. Is there a way to playback the steps. I remember in the webinar i had attended i could insert a step "start recording " and “end recording” . but now i dont seem to get that option.

How can i do it?

In order to execute your recorded test you will need to export the code into eclipse:

i dont think you got my question. I want to see the playback of my test , that is shown in the reports once we execute.

If you would like to view your execution reports you can click on the report button:

Is there a way to playback the executed steps in the report section. Something like a video that can be shared among the higher management showing the entire test execution.

Currently we don’t have the option to generate video report.

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