Not able to interact with elements

I am trying to automate a native app. For this app, when i click on app, login page opens in mobile browser and after login control moves back to native app.There, i am able to record test, but while running it, not able to interact with some elements which appears to be in a frame view on mobile browser. When I tried to use object spy, those elements are not getting highlighted. how can i handle such scenario?? Could someone please help??

For Hybrid apps its important that you install the app in instrumented mode.

See more in this doc -

Hello Kishore,

Thanks for your reply. Even in native app also, I am not able to interact with textfields, I am getting elemnt not found exception, whereas I am able to click on buttons. Also, do i need to give inputs using device keyboard on device reflection or using my laptop’s keyboard?? Bcs when I click inside text field, device keyboard is not showing up.

Sorry is there any way you find out that it does not have web context ?
Since in your first post you mentioned that you move from one context to other.

In any ways if you have installed

  • instrumented mode and got the elements in that mode then you have to run in instrumented mode
  • non-instrumented mode and got elements in that mode you have to run the app in non-instrumented mode.
    You cannot mix and match. Please make sure you take care of the above points.

Hey Kishore,
I am able to interact with text field elements in native view now.

I have installed the app as instrumented mode only, but when I inspect webview page using object spy, the page is displayed as non instrumented only. Also, the elements which are present in webview in frame layout,I am not able to interact with them. Could you please help in this case?

Please change the web context in code and see if you get the elements you might be still in Native context.

See for more info … -