Licensing appium Studio

Hi still i m not clear with community edition license Terms
if appium studio is installed in 4 machines
for eg. Machine A and Machine B used by 2 users with same application Application 1 (2 devices connected android and ios)
similarly machine C and Machine D by next 2 users with Application 2 (2 devices connected android and Ios )

will it allow to automate or do we have any limitation for above case. kindly clarify.

Hi @Mali

Appium Studio Community Edition licence allows for up to two installation. Having 4 installations of Appium Studio breaches the terms of service.

Two of these installations will be eventually blocked.

If you want to have more than 2 users, please consider purchasing the professional edition.

hi nivi.
thanks for your reply…

i have already installed appium studio community edition in 2 machines

1 in Windows and 1 in mac

but after a week i want to replace my windows machine to mac machine so do i need to uninstall the appium studio in Windows and install on mac for utilizing the community edition. will it works ?or still it will consider as 3 users…?