License always failed to connect

I am facing this issue every single day at random time and since yesterday I can not open Appium Studio due to licensing issue with server. Does anyone facing this problem same like me ?
I am using Appium Studio since the version 10.5.32 and still got the same problem until now. I am really curious what makes it failed several times. My internet works fine and no connection issue.

hmm, that’s interesting -

If I understand correctly - you face this issue in an intermediate fashion, e.g - sometimes it works and sometimes it fails?

are you working from different network? or is your station fixed?

Can you share some details on your internet connection? is there a proxy? are you connected with WiFI?

yes you are absolutely correct. sometimes it works and sometimes it fails.
I am connecting to a same network, no issues with my connection and I am using LAN and there is no proxy.
I though It only happen once a day and I can tolerate this. But when I need the app and can not connect to license server it’s so bad for me. And I am curious why Appium Studio need internet access to be opened ? Can it run by offline ?

It may need to do a license check, depending on what kind of Studio license you have. A node locked license check may require internet access.

Is the Appium Studio Server change for some reason ?
Sometimes it is on Singapore, and sometimes moves to Hongkong and other country out there. This what makes my licensing failed many times.

what makes you think that the server is changing location? did you trace to route to the server? which dns did you use?

can you share some logs or screenshots to help us review your issue?