Issues connecting iOS device to appium Studio



I installed Xcode 8.0 and I am using Appium Studio Community Edition . When I try to open iOS device with emulator mode I am getting the following error and this is blocking me to proceed with automation .

Please help what are the steps to resolve this issue.



i tell you what are the steps i followed in order to execute in Iphone simulator

  1. make sure you have the latest xcode 9+
  2. deploy your build in the Simulator you want to execute using xcode (get help from development)
    3.It will ask for keychain -provide your system pwd
  3. Once you see the build succeeded msg you are good to use the simulator
    5 . Now open the appium studio
  4. click on add devices
  5. you should be able to see the list of ios virtual devices under ios Simulator menu
  6. choose the right device (app already installed on the device)
  7. Now run your scripts
    10 you should be able to see the scripts running in simulator visually.