iOS13 support from Appium studio

Hi , I am facing troubles in recording (display unavailable in between recording) , object spy (display unavailable while processing page) on many pages with ios13. I have appium studio V12.12.6321 (2019-12-25) .

Is there a latest version with fixes for this issue? If yes, how do I upgrade my current version of Appium Studio

Thank you

As far as I know there is a support but we have to check if there are specific apps.

I will let you know if other apps have similar problem. I suggest you to download the latest version and check.

Its best to use to get the support data and send it to us.

Hi Kishore,

Thank you for looking into the issue.

I see the same issue with latest version of appium studio as well.
I have the support data compressed file in my desktop, but this post doesnt let me upload it. Kindly help me how to share the same.

Thank you

Upload the support data in google drive and give access to me when I request for access.

Hi Kishore, sorry for the delay in response.

I have the support data in google drive, link given below.

I still face this issue with 20.1 version of appium studio community edition and enterprise edition. Note that this is resolved in seetest automation tool 20.1 , but was still seen in seetest12.12

There is some fix related to this from seetest 12.12 to 20.1 which is not available in appium studio.

Kindly help with the same to get it resolved with appium studio

Also note that the issue with specific pages with “webview” elements on it with the hybrid app. It works well with all other pages which have only native elements

  • So your app there is no change at all ? and the same was it works well prior to 12.12 (including recording etc)?

  • I see that you mentioned you have tried in Enterprise version, so may I know you have a license?

  • “There is some fix related to this from seetest 12.12 to 20.1 which is not available in appium studio.”
    Sorry but “some fix” is a little abstract, please try to mention if you have some specific. Otherwise its only we will check the logs if that gives some hints.

  1. With no change in my app, it works with seetest 20.1, but not with seetest12.12 or earlier versions. It doesnt work with Appium studio 20.1 as well.

  2. I am using 30 days trial version of enterprise version and seetest.

  3. I can see the difference in results with 20.1, thats how i said that there is some fix. I am not aware of what fix went through in seetest20.1 related to webview elements for hybrid applications

Thanks we will check support data which have sent.

Hi Kishore,

Any updates on this?

Sorry no update as yet, need more details so mailed you.