I using appium Studio with java and i try to sendKeys to input field with hebrew characters and in the app it shows with gibrish

Gibrish characters in the app


Can you please share some more information on your scenario, preferably with steps to reproduce this over here?

I have an app with log in fields, i located the fields with xpath, and when i preform a operation firstName.sendKeys(“בדיקה”) with hebrew characters it shows on the app with “???” signs.

We support Hebrew characters, your issue sounds like a bug, but we’ll need more information in order to understand it…

Please share

  1. What device are you working with - specify device model and OS
  2. Share your application AND a scenario where you reproduce your issue

The issue didn’t reproduce for me here on iPhone 6 iOS 11.1…

  1. i use android device Samsung galaxy S5
  2. android version 6.0.1

again, this works for me here…

try to share exacts steps to reproduce

  1. Install APP (attached)
  2. Go to screen (Screen)
  3. Locate element by (XPath)
  4. Send text () to element

this is what i did, maybe the problem is that you dont support ionic apps?

my guesses for the issue are :

  1. We don’t support your application
  2. Your device is configured in a way we don’t support
  3. Your encoding is incorrect (we support UTF-8) you might be using a different set of encoding

To figure it out -

Either send us complete details on how to reproduce your scenario
OR Try with another device and see if this reproduces
OR Try with another application and see if this reproduces
OR Make sure that you are using standard encoding method for the hebrew string

I guess you don’t support my app