I need new Appium Studio Version 20.3

I have filled the forum for the new version but not received any email.

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Appium Studio 20.3 can be download via https://experitest.com/mobile-test-automation/appium-studio (It will be mailed after registration)

If you are not receiving email. Please check your Email Junk folder or contact your Email Server Admin they would have rejected our email.

I’m not received any email.

Have you checked via your Email admin that the email was rejected at your email server ?

OK, will check and get back to you.

I have checked no email blocked on our server

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@kishore yes, this situation is same to me, I also can not receive download email, as a community edition, can you post a direct download link?


As a community edition, it’s too difficult to get the download link :flushed:

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Have you you used the same email for registration for Appium as used in this Forum registration ?

I am facing same issue.Even after filling required details in registration form , i have not received any link on email. My email is same as used in this forum login.

I am facing the same issue, please help.

Hi @ketaki_patil
May I know Experitest has resolved your issue please?
Thank you.