HTML report does not have CPU/Memory charts. Am I missing something (other than charts)?

With reference to the tutorial video below:

We can see that the test report contains CPU and memory charts (20:52)

On my AS Community 11.3.82 for Mac, however, after running playback from either AS or IDE, the test report did not contain above-mentioned charts, for instance:

monitor.csv file in report directory has no content as well.

I am running playback on a real device (e.g. Samsung Galaxy A5) attached to USB.

Any help will be grateful. Thanks.


We disabled the collection of monitors by default on the Appium Studio

To enable it - open the file and append the line


To find the file ->

Dear Tom,

Thanks for reply. I added:
but the report is still having no CPU/MEM chart.

However, I discovered that if I enable monitoring by clicking on “Monitors” button below the device screen before playback, I can get the CPU/MEM chart in the result.

This works even having no “monitoring.disable=false” in