How to connect local real device from Appium Studio for Eclipse

How to connect local real device from Appium Studio for Eclipse?

I have eclipse and appium studio plugged in. I am trying to use my own local device (iPad) for testing. I can see we can only connect to remote devices from designated cloud.

can anyone please help with steps to connect local device from Appium Studio for Eclipse ?


Hi @Sidharth,

Unfortunately, we are not supporting the connectivity for local physical devices with Appium Studio for Eclipse. The Plugin is meant to work with only Cloud Devices for now.

The other option would be to use the downloadable Standalone Appium Studio to work with local physical devices.


You can connect the physical divice by following steps

  1. connect the anroid mobile to system
  2. enable the developer mode on mobile.
    • In your Eclipse IDE, go to Help → Eclipse Marketplace.
  • Type “Appium Studio” in the search field and click Go.
  • Click install and approve user agreement.
  • Eclipse will reboot before the plugin installation is complete.
  1. Add ‘Mobile’ to view
    Click on ‘Window’ --> ‘Perspective’ --> ‘Open perspective’ --> ‘Other’
    Choose ‘Mobile’
    Once connected you should be able to view the devices in the ‘Devices’ view.