How to connect android devices on mac?

Hi i already install appium studio on my mac
mac os :10.14.5
appium studio version: 12.7.5304

I already install adb devices using brew cask install android-platform-tools
and already change adb port to 4273
also devices already detect in terminal
but still can’t show in appium studio
please help, stuck

I didn’t had to do any of the above changes.

Make sure you don’t see any errors in logs for adb. If you see it, then run below command.
sudo chmod +x /Applications/AppiumStudio/bin/adb/adb

On device make sure you have enable USB Debugging and the Mac system has the USB drivers installed as per the device.

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That is correct.

You just have install Appium Studio and if you are adding Android device you need to do the operation which Ashwin suggested if iOS device is attempted then it will work as is.

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Thanks @ashwin.ak, it worked for me!
sudo chmod +x /Applications/AppiumStudio/bin/adb/adb