How to change Apple ID


I want to change apple ID, but appium studio popup an error:image , any one know how can I delete certificate and create new one ?


Hi sven,

Try this:

  • Open Tools > IOS Provision Profile Management
  • Click over your profile to select it
  • Click the icon with the ‘x’ to delete it
  • Close Appium Studio and I suggest to reboot the computer to ensure anything about this user keeps in memory. Not neccesary but I prefer to refresh all the memory after this.

Is it possible that you may need to add your devices again when you open AppiumStudio.

Remember to add a new profile! :wink:



thanks for reply, I tried, but did not work. I also reinstall appium studio, but still get this error.


Hi sven,

Try this thread, your error message is the same.

Apparently you reached the max of certificates, you must remove at least one of them.

It work! thanks  Mat !