Grouping test steps in report from Appium Studio python scripts


Can someone help me with python sample code for grouping teststeps in the report and also for showPassImageInReport sample .

Would be great if any tutorial link for Appium Studio Python scripts are available. All I can find is Java samples.

Thank you

Test steps code

self.driver.execute_script("seetest:client.startStepsGroup("Login Flow")")
. // Do some steps steps

For PassIamge
Set it initially example


Hi Kishore, thank you for your response.
I tried the same and getting this error, attached sceenshot

Thank you

Do you get error while using startStepsGroup command or click command ?

Hi Kishore It worked now with self.driver.execute_script("seetest:client.setShowPassImageInReport(False),

The mistake in previous trial was because I copy pasted your line which missed “set” and the argument.
Thank you so much.

Hi Kishore,

I have one more doubt regarding finding xpath on iOS device app.

When I do Object spy on eriBank app or my test App, it is always the same orange box highlighted and recording scripts give wrong xpaths too, attached are screenshots of two different pages but the elements highlihted with orange boxes are same.


These orange boxes are same for any page and any apps on the device.

The same works good with android phone.

Is there anything which Im doing wrong here.

Thank you

Second page as couldnt upload two pictures above,

Recorded scripts should give you correct Xpaths …
Which iOS version you are using? Which Apppium Studio version you are using?

Hi Kishore, recorded scripts were also giving wrong xpaths.
iOS version is 13.3

Appium Studio version 12.12.6321( 2019-12-25)

But the thing which worked for me is to quit appium studio, reboot the iphone, open appium studio session and then connect the iphone after appium studio is opened.

This happens very often though.


Please try the same app in lower version of iOS let me know what happens