Getting Unable to Sign \bin\native\Cyder.ipa

Error occurred in IOS real device

Please try to post as much as details possible.

Steps you have performed , screenshots , logs , stack trace etc

Please look at the discussion here , See user’s mateoaqx suggestion.

In the case of my iPhone SE, facing the same issue after upgrading from iOS13.4 to iOS16.4.1 using the latest Appium Studio (v9068).
Try various things(including Reset Privacy), but at the end it was solved by factory reset the phone.

Also, in the past the following two ways helped (likely due to different iPhone and/or PC usage background):

  • Close AS, delete “C:\Users<login username>\AppData\Roaming\appiumstudio”; restart AS
  • Uninstall AS, delete C:\Program Files (x86)\Experitest folder, reinstall AS