Failed to import Android app

Hi, I’m trying to use the Appium Studio, but struggling an error.

I’m following a instruction on the page below,

However at the section “Target Application”, I failed importing Applications from an Android device.

The error says;

Failed to import Android app - Cannot run program "/Applications/AppiumStudio/bin/adb/apt/aapt_64_mac" (in directory "/Applications/AppiumStudio/bin/adb/apt"): error=13, Permission denied

More information is here;

  • the Android device’s developer mode is ON
  • the file transfer mode is ON
  • the device is surely connected to PC, checking by adb devices command
  • import of any app such as Youtube also fails

I’m posting here since I couldn’t find any referenc explaining to fix this.
I’d glad if someone has any suggestions to success importing Application that I want to test.
Thank you in advance.

Please execute the following command

sudo chmod +x /Applications/AppiumStudio/bin/adb/apt/aapt_64_mac

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Sorry I haven’t checked this.
It worked. Thank you so much!