Failed to connect XCAutomation error desplaying while trying to connect i Phone device with Appium studio

I am trying to connect iPhone 16.0, 16.1, 16.2 with Appium studio version 22.12, 22.11, 22.10 , but not connecting, getting failed to connect XCAutomation error. I have tried for 14.4 it’s working perfectly fine. Can someone help me on this.

I am getting the same error with Appium Studio Ver 32_23_1_9050 trying to connect to iPhone with IOS 16.3.1

I haven’t got any update on this . Still I am facing the same issue.

this means that developer mode on the device is not activated.

i am getting same error with iOS version 17 and Appium studio version 23.9 , maybe Appium studio is not compatible for latest iOS versions