Elements are locating vertical way in appium studio

When i used our android app in appium studio, elements are correctly pointing horizontal way through object spy

I checked on ios device without locating our app. It’s correctly pointing elements in horizontal way

But, When i used our ios app, elements are pointing vertical way through object spy…
Due to the reason, i couldn’t continue my testing

Can you plz give me solution

Note- In Android, Instrumented automatically disabled . But, in IOS it’s enabling … I think, i have to do some different set up in ios. Plz help to this

There should be nothing different to be done in iOS mobile.

Please attempt to find element in sample Eribank application which bundled in Appium Studio just to check if this specific to your app.

One more thing are you using iPAD or iphone?

Please also try what I have asked in my previous message and let me know.

Thanks for your response.

I’m using IPad
Where can i get the buddled of Eribank app

Thanks for the update.

Can you see this (com.experitest.Experibank) in Appium Studio ?

Please also try capability orientation as ‘Portait’ and try.
See http://appium.io/docs/en/writing-running-appium/caps/ , orientation capability.

Thanks Kishore.

There is an issue in installation

02:46:28 PM Will not attempt to instrument com.experitest.ExperiBank: Instrumentation is not required

02:46:28 PM Will attempt to sign com.experitest.ExperiBank: Application will be (re)signed since it’s current signing data does not fit for the target device.

02:46:37 PM Application com.7P77NNNCKV_com.experitest.ExperiBank has been signed for 009a240c8be3ed690a3fd598f5f9bd8e9598d0cc.
Signing Identity: ProvisionProfileInfo{name=‘iOS Team Provisioning Profile: com.7P77NNNCKV_com.experitest.ExperiBank’, team=‘7P77NNNCKV’, UDID=‘8491f7da-55ed-4f0e-b1b5-5ed7af4de1b8’, certificates='MIIFqTCCBJGgAwIBAgIIbDZSU…", appId=‘Experitest Explicit com 7P77NNNCKV com experitest ExperiBank’, bundleId=‘7P77NNNCKV.com.7P77NNNCKV_com.experitest.ExperiBank’, filename=‘1572858988227.mobileprovision’, dev=‘true’}

02:46:52 PM Installing application C:\Users\212728800\AppData\Local\Temp\AppiumStudio\com.experitest.ExperiBank5577009198206919337.ipa -> 009a240c8be3ed690a3fd598f5f9bd8e9598d0cc

Okay . I will come back to you on this , but meanwhile have you tried Portrain orientation suggestion.


Capability orientation as ‘Portait’ option is available only android . When we connect IOS, we don’t have any option to select orientation

So I was mostly talking about runtime capability before
http://appium.io/docs/en/writing-running-appium/caps/, which needs to be set in code.

I have setup in code . But issue is, manually when i click on object spy to get xpath, i have these issues

And if you keep the device in Portrait and then try , does it help ?

No, it didn’t workout .

Sorry it did not work,

So for iOS mobile and Android it works and only iPAD device this is a problem. Just to confirm

Kishore, Our app is not supporting for mobile version. It works fine only android. Not in IOS


Whats the iOS version and model of the IPAD?

IOS version - 12.4.2
Ipad model name - iPad mini 2

IOS version - 13.1.2
Ipad model name - iPad Air 2

Can anyone please give me solution

So you have upgraded to latest version and tried ?