Edit the recorded commands from Code tab



I wanted to edit the recorded commands using my own logic. I am not able edit the code. Please let me know how to edit the code before importing the code in to eclipse.

Thanks in Advance.


You will need to export the code into your IDE (Eclipse / Intellij) and apply your logic in the IDE.


thank you.
So i can use Appium studio only for the recording purpose and scripts needs to run through eclipse.
Or is there a way to import the script/code from eclipse to Appium studio and run them again.


You are right. The studio is used to record your test and provide the ‘Object Spy’. It also provide the execution server.


Is there a way to import the scripts from ecplise back to Appium studio.
and run the same script on both andriod device and iOS device.
As the report generation is pretty interesting.


Would love an answer if you can can export it back into appium studio?