Does Appium studio support iOS 13.3.1

my iPhone was upgraded to iOS 13.3.1, and I found that I can’t capture the elements I did before. and there is UIAWiewer, and all of elements been contained in the UIAWiewer, but I can’t capture the specific element in it . I don’t have this issue before upgrading my iPhone.

I have uploaded the latest version of Appium studio 20.2.6560, the problem still is there.

any suggestions?

Please try to give full information so that other discussion forum members can understand the problem.

  • Which version of iOS you were using ?
  • Is the application version too was same ?
  • Try to user next version of Appium Studio.

I am also facing the same issue. It was working fine for iOS 12. And Today I upgraded to iOS 13.4.1 and Appium Studio is not able to open object spy. It is crashing.

Please check the previous responses … Appium Studion 20.2 does not support iOS 13.4. Please wait for Appium Studio 20.3 to be uploaded in the