DIY Script Template Generated

Due to some specified requirements, findElement(By.xpath(…)) cannot meet that.So,why not give users more freedom, to allow us design script template.For example,more functions like findElementById、findElementByXPath can be used in our scripts,even get(index).Of course, current plan can meet mostly requirements and it is uniform and easy for further treatment.Maybe,just provide some interfaces to us, Appium Studio will be more perfect.

Sorry I think this is more of a question on Appium Libraries which Appium Studio is adheres to … no ?

Sorry, maybe I failed to explain my thoughts.
This is the details of one element, I click it, and code generated by appium studio is driver.findElement(By.xpath("//*[@id=‘rl_toutiao_img’]")).click();. Okay, it is also able to meet the requirements to click the element.However,what I want is “driver.findElementById(“cn.etouch.ecalendar:id/rl_toutiao_img”).click();”.
And more,
I want the code generated after I click the element is “driver.findElementsById(“cn.etouch.ecalendar:id/layout”).get(0).click();”.
So,for more requirements like mine, maybe the appium studio can provide us with some interfaces, to allow us set the priorities of code templates.
I have been loonking for one tool to help generate scripts and test automatically.For me,Appium Studio has saved much time for the synchronization of UI.If it can be configured freely, it will be more wonderful.

Ok. Currently it generates code based on its on algo with no customization.
Thanks for your inputs