Connection to license server failed, Please check you connection

Hey @Tom ,

Please refer this is image.

I m getting this issue again and again. I don’t know why!
I have tried by reducing the no. of user license of the same Apple Id. This issue came randomly while executing the testSuite.

Suppose you run the execution 10 15 time continuously then suddenly the Appium Studio stopping by giving this popup.
The temporary solution is close the studio => then again open the studio (Sometime we have to open studio 2 3 times)

This solution is not right when you execute the testSuite.

Please give me any solution. (I m unable to give a particular scenario). I have updated Appium Studio also.


Plz @Tom help ! Because my entire team is getting so much depression by this problem !



My guess is that your internet connection isn’t stable enough

can you share some details on your ISP and the way that your PC is connected to the internet?

is it using WiFi?

I’ll talk over here with the guys and see when can we set up some time with you to debug this issue

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Hi @Tom,

I have connected the internet via LAN cable in my PC. (2 PC - LAN, 2 PC-WIFI)
But I wanna tell u that this is happening not only on my PC but also all PC which are using Appium Studio (4 PC).

As i said before this issue is randomly generated.
Whenever I got this popup my internet worked fine, but Studio not.
Please tell me what you exactly want in the ISP to debug the problem e.g. IP, DNS or other ISP term.


HI @Tom,

This is my office ip :-
Service Provider :- TATA


Hi @Tom ,
would you share the license server address? im getting failed to connect to license server error pop that forcing me to configure the proxy. would be helpful if you can send where is the license validation service is pinging.

This issue might occur due to proxy settings, sometime your firewall blocks the connectivity, Pls check with your service provider. Contact Network Team

Hi Tom,

I’m facing the same license server error but, when i connect to my mobile hotspot and launch the app it is working fine, later when i connect to my office network and start working on it after few minutes the application shows the error as below. Please advise.

Were anyone able to get a resolution for the above issue of the license server failing

This problem can happen if the network from where you are running Appium Studio cannot connect to our servers .

Hi Team,

i have also facing the same proxy issues when i connect with LAN.but in my LAN there is no Proxy set. kindly help me for this issues.

I think my firewall will block to connect with licence server.
for resolving firewall issues i want the URL for licence server.
kindly provide the URL its very helpful for me.

Thanks and Regards

Have u got any solution to resolve the issues.