Community Version License Server Connection


We have reason to believe we need to whitelist your license server IP address to launch the app. I’ve seen other posts in the community about this same thing without resolution. We are vetting out the community addition prior to considering enterprise but if we can’t even connect to your licensing server then this unfortunately will end before it even begins. Do you intend to provide the server IP info? Thanks


Appium Studio Community Eddition 11.7.103 is failed to connect to License Server


Please add -



Hi Appium team,

Our team also facing the same issue (Could not connect to Licence Server) while accessing the Appium in my office network. We have whitelisted the above IP Address but still we are receiving the Same error. Could you please help us by sharing the new IP Address or other information to access Appium in my office network to successfully complete a POC and show it to my management to consider this tool

Thanks in Advance…



Please provide me logs file, it will have the server which is not accessible.

You can get the logs by navigating (Appium Menu) Help -> Open Logs Folder. In this directory please find log file starting with Appium* and send it to me.