Cloud support using sauce labs in Appium studio

Does appium studio support Sauce Labs, if so can we integrate the AS with sauce labs to automate the test scripts?

Are there any other tools that support sauce labs except Appium?

Thanks in advance.

Appium Studio (i.e licensed Enterprise version supports connecting to Seetest Cloud, the free version does not support cloud access to even Seetest Cloud) does not support Sauce labs.

No tools connect to Sauce Labs. Mobile automation and connecting to these clouds do not have common protocol to support and mix match between service providers.

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Thank u for the immediate response. What is the difference between experitest cloud and see test cloud in appium studio. Somewhere in the AS forums i read the topics about experitest cloud. Can u just briefly explain about this?

Its the same, its being used interchangeably . But it is Seetest Cloud.

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Thanks a lot @kishore.