Clickable elements are not click in appium Studio(IOS)

When executing IOS automation scripts via appium Studio, it’s correctly locating the clickable elements by xpath. But, did not perform the click action. When i executing my scripts, it shows correctly taking that exact xpath, but did not perform the click action. I am using Appium studi 12.9.58 version and IOS version 13.1.3

Example- Enter user name and password in login page Click on Sign In button But, Element is correctly located sign in button. But, it did not perform click action.

Please give me a solution

Are you sure the element is “visible” and “enabled” at the time you try to click ?? Finding the element by ID is sometimes not good enough. You need to look at the “state” of the element.

Thanks Waklet for your time.
Sign in button always visible. It’s not hidden part. When i checked the xpath through appium studio, it’s correctly pointing the exact place.

According to the Object Spy display: I don’t see an attribute called Text (perhaps its there but not shown ??). The node name is BUTTON, not SPAN, as your xpath is using.

Thanks for your quick response.
In appium stuido, it’s showing two parts . One is our app name and other one document.
If i use the xpath from our app, it didn’t work while running the script. But, when manually verifying the xpath via appium studio, it correctly pointing the place.

Please give me an idea.
Note - Earlier i used //*[@id=‘SignIn-Button’] this xpath for sign in button. But, script got failed and it didn’t click on the sign in button. Manually when i checked via appium studio it correctly pointing that place.

I suggest to try out your app buy recording from Appium Studio and see what its generate and run it and see if its successful. If it works then work backwards and see and troubleshoot why it does not work when you code it and run it outside Appium Studio. Please note down Xpath etc.

Thanks Kishore. I’m facing the orientation issue in appium studio. I think, i have to do the set up in different way. Can you please guide me?

Sorry what orientation issue ?

When locating xpath for ios in appium studio, it’s pointing in vertical way.

But, It’s correctly pointing in android

So in iOS the xpath its locating wrong element ?

Please paste,

Andoid xpath which Appium Studio gives you and what you are using , similarly what xpath its provides and what you are using in iOS


Here, Simple View check box only ticked and all values are pointing in vertical way.

If i ticked Instrumented and show hidden check box, i can see the horizontal and vertical points. But, my project is mcrew . I dn’t have any idea about document.
When i clicked on Sign in button, it’s showing 2 different xpath.
1- One from Mcrew hierarchy -

2- Other one from document hierachy -

In Android,
Always Instrumented checkbox disable and in hierarchy it’s showing only one

Note- Ios worked as expected in 12.1.8 version