Clickable elements are not click in appium Studio(Android)


When executing Android automation scripts via appium Studio, it’s correctly locating the clickable elements by xpath. But, did not perform the click action. When i executing my scripts, it shows correctly taking that exact xpath, but did not perform the click action. I am experiencing this issue only Android , not in Android. I am using Appium studi 12.5.5129 version and i tried out 12.5.5129.

Example- Enter user name and password in login page Click on Sign In button But, Element is correctly located sign in button. But, it did not perform click action.



Hello Anil,

Can you paste relevant logs, (create a fresh log) , You can see get the log folder by clicking “Open Log Folder” (log file is Appium*.log) and please try to paste the section of the log near around your call to the function.