Application crash with Display Unavailable error when running Object Spy

When I try to use Object Spy from the login page of a 3rd party application, the device shows a Display Unavailable error and the application crashes. I’m not able to automate this page either as same behavior occurs when I try FindElement By xpath on the page. Using Appium Studio 12.12.6321 on a Windows 7 laptop connected to iOS 10R device with iOS 13.3.1 version.

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Please provide us

  • Please try lower version of than iOS version and check what the behavior

Yes we did see it worked fine on iOS 12, but I don’t think this is an option for our project. Is iOS 13 not yet supported? The Appium Studio site states they support iOS 11+.

You have tested with Appium Studio 12.12 and iOS 12 combination ? (which worked for you)
I would like you to test with confirm is it works for iOS 12 + Appium Studio 12.12 to ascertain if this could be problem with 12.12 only …

Hi Nathan, did this work for you finally? I am facing the same issue as well. I upgraded appium studio to 20.1 and still seeing the problem.

iOS 12 worked, but on iOS 13 we still have the issue.

Thanks for confirmation. I also face issues with IOS13, I want it with ios13