Appium Studio is no option "Full Control" for iOS real machine

HI, According to the article, seems I can use “Full Control” to open iOS device,

but there is no option in appium studio,

So, how can I enable this “Full Control” option?


Is the device recognized and automatable after configuring provisioning profile ? Is this is problem specific to Full control not visible ?

Yes, “Full Control” option is not visible, but I can execute test script and open device properly.
I don’t know what this option means for users and how to make it visible, If this option is enabled, I can fully control the device from computer or get some enhancements?

Hello Ray,

Well even I do not get it and neither I get an error in logs regarding this
I will discuss with my team and let you know about it.

Just to clarify the default mode is Full Control mode now in latest versions.

Get it, thank you. :heart: