Appium Studio - "Failed to connect XCAutomation"

I am using iPad ( iOS - 16.3.1) and Appium Studio (23.2.9062) latest version
while connecting “Failed to connect XCAutomation” error popup will come

Using iPad( iOS - 15.7.2) and Appium Studio (22.118954) version at that time it is working only after updating the iOS version(16.3.1) am facing the “Failed to connect XCAutomation” issue
Any one help me to sort out this issue

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I am facing same. I am trying to connect iPhone 16.0, 16.1, 16.2 with Appium studio version 22.12, 22.11, 22.10 , but not connecting, getting failed to connect XCAutomation error. I have tried for 14.4 it’s working perfectly fine. Can someone help me on this.

this most likely means your device does not have developer mode activated, make sure it is then try again.