Appium Studio cannot detect android device

Appium studio is not detecting android device.
OS : Windows 8
Device: Moto G Turbo

However on command terminal the device can be searched. The device is connected to the local machine and working fine.

Actions already taken:
1.) Debugging mode of the device is on.
2.) Device driver i.e.: Motorola device Manager is installed

Please suggest some solution so that device can be added in the Appium Studio

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you mean to say that the device is visible from ADB devices?

can you run the command adb devices

from the following path - <\Appium Studio Installation Folder>\bin\adb
can you please share with us the log files of Appium Studio ?

Hi Tom,

1.) Yes, the device is visible from ADB devices. Please find below screenshot

2.) I have updated motorola driver from the following path:
and Please find link to the screenshot of the device manager:

3.) Please find link to the screenshot of the appium studio when I try to add android device.

4.) Please find logs:

Although my scenario is meeting all the necessary conditions but Appium studio is unable to detect android device.

Hi MeenalGogia

there is a BIOS level toggle switch to enable the “virtual emulation technology” so please turn it to ON state.

Then close all your programs and restart the machine and then you connect your Android device.

Hope this works for you.


I checked, Virtualization is “On”.

But still Appium Studio is not detecting Android device.

Hi Meenal

We have identified the root cause of the issue

I’ll publish a version which fixes the issue by Monday

Sorry for the inconvenience



Kindly update me after a fix. It would be very helpful.


Hi Meenal

Can you please try this version and let me know if the issue is resolved?

Hi Tom,

I’m able to connect the device successfully :slight_smile:

But now, my concern is it is showing “Community Edition” pop up when I’m opening Appium studio application. Would I be able to use this version after 3 days?


ignore the popup, it was a test that failed :frowning:

thanks for the feedback!

Hi tom

This new version is not working in my case. No one android phone detecting by my system’s appium studio.
Vertualization is enabled from BIOS and also installed this version also.

Hi Tom ,
Am also facing the same problem . Unable to connect to android device for appium studio 20.4 version
Device - samsung
Windows version - 8

we have tried all the above said steps but still we could not solve the issue.
Kindly do the needful