Appium Studio 22.1.8625 frequently popup "Connection to license server failed"

Upgraded to Appium Studio 22.1.8625, firing up Appium Studio regularly sees “Connection to license server failed” popup:

Using previous Appium Studio version 21_2_7916 on the same setup (PC, network etc) did not experience this issue. Therefore, seems very much Appium Studio 22.1.8625 issue instead of network etc.

Can anyone help to solve this please?

“Configure Proxy” can help, which will restart SeeTest; though this issue can still happen again:


In general I find that Appium Studio 22.1.8625 is much delicate than previous version. Please make sure to:


prior to initiate a new driver:

webdriver.Remote(“http://localhost:4723/wd/hub”, desire)

to avoid Appium Studio connection issue. I think is related to: