Appium Studio 11.4 Version

Hi All,

I’m happy to announce that we have release Appium Studio Community Edition 11.4

Links :

Appium Studio 11.4 Windows Version
Appium Studio 11.4 Mac version

This version includes major bug fixes and stability issues

New Features

Java - Extended Client

Java developers can now enjoy an easier way to execute the additional commands offered by Appium Studio using a new package (SeeTestClient)

The JAR is found in the installation folder of Appium Studio eliminates the need to use the executeScript method for SeeTest related commands

For more information

Android - Add device keyboard keys to page source

Android users can retrieve the keyboard controls and utilize them as objects (e.g - click on Done keyboard key)

We’d like to thank the active community members, we are actively working on the release of the next version which will reinstate the support iOS Simulators, based on the community feedback

Happy testing :slight_smile:



Hi Tom;

Congrats on 11.4 ! I will be upgrading shortly.

Please provide the gradle dependency for the 11.4 Appium studio client.